Solar Racking

Solar Racking

Efficiency of a solar system depends mainly upon the panels’ positioning with reference to sunlight. More amount of light falling on the panels means more energy is utilized. In order to make sure the photo-voltaic modules are placed at optimum positions, proper racking needs to be done. Racking, basically, refers to the structure on which solar modules are installed or mounted. In addition to optimizing the efficiency of the system, racks provide safety and structure to the system. Racking procedures are not fixed for all of the system. Depending upon the type of panels and the place where they are to be installed, racking options vary.

Among these various types, some which stand above the others have been discussed briefly below:

  • Ground Mounted Racks: These racks require a precise foundation setup. However, since ground racks are prone to vandalism, they are recommended for safe and secure locations.
  • Roof Mounter Racks: As the name indicates, this type of racks are used to mount a solar PV system on a rooftop. These racks, keep the wire run distances between the solar array and the battery bank or inverter to a minimum, but require roof penetrations and run danger of causing roof leakages, thus the roof must be well sealed.
  • Tracking System Mounting Racks: These racks are well above the league of the rest of the racks. Incorporating a moveable structure, they allow usage for all sorts of solar tracking systems. It wouldn’t be hard to conclude that they deliver the highest efficiency since solar tracking enables more energy conversation than the rest of the lot. These are further classified into two major types; one axis and two axis.

Different mounting racks are made up of different materials. However, most commonly used racks are that of aluminum. The most important benefit that aluminum provides is that it is light weight, thus it applies lesser pressure on the surface it is mounted on. Another strong (pun) point of aluminum is that it is highly resistant to corrosion and other environmental factors. Thus it lasts long. Other popular choices include stainless steel, wood, plant and lastly iron.

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