Residential Solar

The Sun is one of the major support systems for sustenance of life, providing us with an astounding amount of heat and light energy. All other non-renewable energy flows and stocks are dwarfed by the annual energy flow from the sun which is several orders of magnitude above the needs of humankind. Solar energy is an unceasing and evergreen energy source providing more than a hundred thousand terra watts of energy which is sufficient to provide more than enough energy to the whole world annually. Solar energy generation technology is a hot commodity in the renewables energy market. Solar energy was at the top of renewable energy generation with renewable energy generation growth, around 100 terawatt hour marks with 65% more in year 2013.

Recently, solar powered electricity has not only made its mark in the industrial and commercial sector, but it is gaining popularity by the minute in residential areas as well. With clean and cheap electricity provision, solar panels can now be seen mounted on the roofs of a number of houses. When the technology was introduced the cost of installation of solar energy gadgets such as solar panels remained a barrier to the success of solar advantages. However it is now a fact that the cost has decreased more than half now. That is why more and more percentage of the consumers is now shifting to solar powered electricity from traditional electrical energy.

Solar energy is ideal for residential use. Through installation of solar panels, a house would be able to produce indefinite amount of reliable energy. This would result in the house being independent in meeting its energy requirements. Solar energy not only addresses the energy requirements of a local home but it also provides monetary benefits. To support this statement, three points are listed down. First of all, a solar power system saves a whole lot of electricity. It is stated that an average residential house can generate more than eight thousand kilowatt hours of energy. Also, through power systems, consumers avoid frequent rate hikes, thus they get electricity at a cheaper price than that from the utility. Secondly, a number of states offer rebate based incentives to residential solar powered systems. In recognition to independent energy production, the states pay back a sum of money as rebate. Lastly, if a solar system is installed, the value of the property goes up.

Traditional electricity production methods employ sources such as fossil fuels, coal and natural gas which are not only non-renewable but are also very injurious to the environment. They are an essential reason for global warming and air pollution. While solar powered energy on the other hand, is clean and pure. This very concept, of deriving energy from the sun, helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces dependency on fossil fuels. So through solar energy, one can power their home is a much more efficient way without any fear of harming the environment and atmosphere in any way.

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